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"Since we have had 2 mosaic pictures made already, I know how special these gifts can be. That is exactly why we chose another picture to be our birthday surprise the second time…
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mosaic sample

The ordering process was smooth. I did not have to make a decision immediately, and I received sketches via e-mail, so I always knew exactly what to expect.
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"It gave me a lot of headaches when I had to decide what to give to my husband on his birthday. 40 was much more than just a round number; this year was also our 10th anniversary.
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mosaic sample

I ordered the mosaic picture for one of our colleagues who was just about to retire. .
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Our company was celebrating its 10th anniversary.
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egyedi ajándék

We were troubled by the thought that we had to come up with a unique and memorable gift idea.
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What kind of gift would my Friends and Family like the most?

What can I give them, that will remind them of me even many years later whenever they look at it?

Különleges ajándék mozaikkép, kép a képben. ilyet még nem látott.

What can I give to those who are closest to us?

On birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and Christmas our hope is to surprise our loved ones with the kind of present that they will love. Something that is useful and something they will not simply put on a shelf to be polite.

As the big day approaches we feel the increasing pressure – still without a single good idea as to what to give. Then we end up buying a sweater or a unique bottle of wine or some sweets, the same way we did in previous years.

Numerous times I have had this very same issue, until one day I came upon a hidden cardboard box filled with old family photos. One needs a lot of time to sit down and look through such photos. So the question made perfect sense: How can we make old and new photos more accessible, so we can always enjoy them instead of keeping them hidden away from view? Since the evolution of digital photography, we have been making hundreds or even thousands of pictures, yet we never care to develop them for longer use. Today the computer screen is our photo album, but we rarely take the time to sit down and look through the most precious moments of our past that these pictures have captured.

I believe our loved ones deserve the kind of gift which shows that no time is too important when it comes to them, something which simultaneously solves this same issue they are having with their photographs.

That is when I realized the following solution:

Why not make one large mosaic picture out of those photos, and create an attractive decoration for the house? That way our loved ones can enjoy hundreds or even thousands of pictures at the same time - as they would be in front of their eyes every day! Why not make such an item to be their next gift?

If you agree then - Select the size of your mosaic picture and place your order with us right here and now!

mozaikképek mozaik készítése különleges mozaiképek fotomozaik mozaikkép mozaik készítése mozaik különleges ajándék mozaik nászajándék

Move your mouse over the small mosaic pictures to see how they would look on the wall.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your friend proudly show off the gift he or she received from you even after long years have passed? Not only did I come up with the idea, but we have already put it into practice and named the final product Mosaic Picture. The mosaic is made up of small family photos, which are large enough to be visible to the naked eye and can be separately enjoyed. It is a great feeling to see the family surrounding the mosaic picture and hear a loud laugh or the sounds of joy breaking through their constant chatter whenever someone discovers a picture and recalls a wonderful memory from the past.

It is the ideal gift for grandma, who in her free time can look up the photo which captures her grandchild’s first precious steps. She will equally enjoy finding photos of her own children blowing out the candle on their birthday cakes, and have a great chuckle seeing a picture of the family’s dog playing with her grandchildren.

It is the ideal present for grandparents, ants and uncles, partners and 21st birthdays...

Click on the picture of the parachutist and zoom in to see the small photos.

Isn’t this the most unique photo album? And it makes the perfect exclusive family album for your loved ones. It never gets put away in a drawer, but will always be visible on the wall in the family’s living room.

If you would like to order a unique mosaic picture, you only need to do the followings:

Choose a few photos, which you would like to see as the main image on your mosaic picture. We will then analyze it and make a recommendation of the ones which can be used to achieve the highest quality picture possible.

In the next step we will create a free sample mosaic for you, so you can see how the base picture you chose starts to develop.

Such mosaics can consist of 4-5 thousand photos, but you only need to collect 400-600 of them. That much is enough to create a good quality picture as the photos will be repeated.

The final mosaic picture is glued to a light-weight, 3 mm thick plastic board, which is firm and strong enough to hold well. We recommend that you use regular nails when putting the picture up on the wall. If you wish, you can choose from a number of decorative picture frames too. The picture does not need glass protection. It does not fade and can be cleaned easily with a damp rag.

A mosaic picture is the most unique gift one can give! It is not something you have to worry about disappointing your recipient.

Whosoever owns one can proudly say: not many people have a gift like this!

I would like a mosaic picture!

Our latest products are the new mosaic pictures printed on canvas attached to stretcher frames.

vászonmozaik vászonmozaik

It is one of the most exclusive gifts you can find.

mozaikkép méretek

Mosaic picture sizes / prices:

Glossy poster version, glued to a board:

Canvas version attached to a stretcher frame:

Based on need we can also create larger pictures from the photos we receive.

We finish your unique mosaic picture within 5 workdays.

You must already have an idea whom you would like to surprise with this unique gift! So there is nothing else left, but for you to order your own mosaic picture by clicking here!

I would like a mosaic picture!